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Scy Caroselli

Photo of Scy CaroselliScy Caroselli has been surrounded by fine art throughout her entire life. She grew up beside the easel and sculpting stand of her mother, renowned artist, Marianne Caroselli. Scy was destined for a notable career in art.

For the past 13 years, Scy has successfully represented many talented artists. Her strong knowledge of marketing coupled with her love for art has helped many artists define their future and push their career to vast heights. However, with constant encouragement from her mother to embrace Scy's talent and become the artist she is, Scy approached sculpting with zeal and has added it to her artistic repertoire. Sculpting is certainly in her blood and has proven to be a natural fit.

During the last 5 years, she looks for every opportunity to sculpt. Sculpting is her future. "Something was missing in my career. I found my passion. I guess Moms do know best."

You can find Scy's sculptures in distinguished collections and prestigious fine art galleries across the United States. Scy currently lives and sculpts in Denver, Colorado and is looking forward to a passionate and promising future as a sculptor.


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